Thursday 9th Nov 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

-Animal Weights and Weighing In-

1. When can I weigh my animal in?

Cattle weighing will commence at 8.30am and finish at 10.00am sharp.

Lambs will be weighed as they arrive with the weigh bridge facility ending at 11.30am sharp.

Exhibitors who bring lambs and cattle may arrive earlier but are responsible for bringing their lambs to the weighing at 11am. Please see page 21 of the Prize Schedule for further information.


2. What is the maximum weight of animals that can be entered in the Ulster Housewife’s Champion class?



3. What weight should calves entered in their respective classes be?

All bullock calves must weigh 200-380kg.

All heifer calves must weigh 200-340kg.


-Show and Sale Times-

1. What is the arrival time for exhibitors?

Cattle exhibitors should arrive at the showgrounds from 6am-9am on Tuesday 21st November 2023 and lamb exhibitors should arrive from 10.30am-11.30am. All exhibitors should enter the showgrounds via Gate 1 (Halftown Road).


2. What are the class times at this year’s Show and Sale?

The new timetable for this year’s event is as follows. Please note, that calves will now be sold first at 4.45pm, followed by lambs at 6.15pm and cattle at 7.00pm.



1. Who are the judges at this year’s event?


Mrs Jean Mackay Cattle Classes and Championship
Mr Derek Frew    Ulster Housewife’s Championship
Mr Martin Tumilty   Breeding Heifer Classes
Mr James May Calf Classes
Mr David Millar Lamb Classes
Mrs Elizabeth Rodgers Cattle Young Handler Classes
Mrs Sheila Malcomson Lamb Young Handler Classes


2. What are the admission prices?

All tickets can be purchased upon arrival at the event.

Adults: £8

Youth (12-18 year olds): £5

Under 12's: FREE (when accompanied by an adult)

RUAS Members: FREE when a valid membership card is presented.

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